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About Us

Why Onsite immunization and wellbeing is important

​Our Story

We are the leading medical provider to businesses and residents of British Columbia, managing our patients' health since 2008. We offer proactive, quality healthcare in the safety and comfort of your own home or business.

We are an all inclusive Nurse Practitioner led company that can tailor any wellness program, and doesn't break the budget.


What an amazing service. We had the nurse arrive at our home, my daughter was happy, comfortable and playing with her toys while we went through some forms and information. I sat with her on the couch as she watched her favourite show and she didn't even notice she had been immunized, she didn't even flinch. The convenience of not having to pack up everyone in the car and wait in a waiting room were equally as comforting as how fast and efficient the visit was. She even waved goodbye at the front door and said "bye doctor nurse!". From one happy kid and one happy mom, thank you so much!!

Meet The Team

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Marco Gnoato

Founder & CEO

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Registered Nurse

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Nurse Practitioner



Registered Nurse
Baby Immunization

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Registered Nurse


What are the company and staff credentials and credibility?

We have been in business for over 12 years.  All of our healthcare providers are certified with their respective colleges and have many years of experience with skills such as: immunizations, occupational health, acute care nursing, to name a few.  All of our vaccines and supplies are Health Canada Approved.  Each medical service will be provided by a medical provider that is licenced to provide that service. ​We have a valid business licence.  We are Worksafe registered and insured.

How do you provide primary care onsite?

A medical provider, such as a physician or nurse practitioner, will meet you at a scheduled location, either home or office.  The provider will be able to assess, refer, prescribe, or order testing if needed. Follow up via telephone may be done to review results.

Why can't I find your exact clinic location?

Although we have a clinic based in Surrey, our business model is providing medical services directly "Onsite" to you.  In this way, we reduce the costs of having office assistants and staff in the clinic, and pass these savings to you. 

When will COVID immunizations begin?

At this time, the government and public health are prioritizing all covid vaccines to high risk populations.  We anticipate possibly by mid/late year, we may hear about private vaccines to vaccinate the rest of the population.  It also depends on vaccine manufacturing and supply.  Please feel free to subscribe to our email list to be the first to hear about scheduling a clinic.

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